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Tuners and Metronomes

  • Boss TU12BW Tuner with Mic
    Boss TU12BW Tuner with Mic

    This sleek, stylish chromatic tuner is designed exclusively for brass and wind instruments. Tune quickly and accurately using the internal microphone or the external clip-on contact mic (included). ACCU-PITCH verifies tuning with an audible beep.

    Model: TU12BW
    Manufacturer: Boss
    Price: $83.10
  • Cherub WST500A Chromatic/Violin/Guitar Tuner
    Cherub WST500A Chromatic/Violin/Guitar Tuner

    Additional presets for guitar and violin Choose between Automatic, Manual and Sound modes Includes a built-in microphone A handy stand to hold the tuner in the upright position Tuning Range: Db (69.296Hz) - d3 (1174.66Hz)

    Model: WST500A
    Manufacturer: Cherub
    Price: $16.14
  • Farleys PT15 Electronic Pitch Pipe
    Farleys PT15 Electronic Pitch Pipe

    Farley's PocketTones PT-15 Chromatic pitch pipe generates all 12 tones and is ideal for vocals and instruments. The pitch pipe is equipped with a volume control. The PocketTones is compact and will fit on a keychain for note recognition practice anytime, anyplace.

    Model: PT15
    Manufacturer: Farleys
    Price: $13.83
  • Korg CA2 Chromatic Tuner
    Korg CA2 Chromatic Tuner

    Large, high visibility display with a needle-style meter Compact, slim and lightweight body A wide variety of tuning functions that are suitable for a variety of instruments Adjustable calibration (410-480 Hz); Pure major third & minor third indicators Up to 200 hours of battery life; Five year warranty

    Model: CA2
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $15.92
  • Korg GA40 Guitar Tuner
    Korg GA40 Guitar Tuner

    A large, easy-to-see, LCD needle-style display A compact tuner designed specifically for guitar and bass, with excellent performance and convenient functionality Large, high-precision meter-type display for stable tuning indication Quinta-Flat Tuning mode allows dropped tunings from one to five semitones Supports tuning of seven-string guitars and six-string basses

    Model: GA40
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $13.50
  • Korg KCA1 Chromatic Tuner
    Korg KCA1 Chromatic Tuner

    Compact Chromatic Tuner, ideal for brass band or orchestra • Calibration Function supports a variety of concert pitches • Wide range of pitch detection covers C1-C8 • Auto Power Off function conserves battery life • High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning • Memory Backup function • Sound Out produces a reference tone from the internal speaker • Approximately 100 hours of continuous use

    Model: KCA1
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $17.05
  • Korg KTMR50BK Tuner/Metronome/Recorder
    Korg KTMR50BK Tuner/Metronome/Recorder

    Tuner, metronome, and recorder can be used simultaneously or independently Internal Mic and speaker make it easy to record and play back your performance Loop Play function lets you repeat a desired region of a recorded track High-quality linear PCM recording/playback - record up to 100 tracks (about 20 minutes) The Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speaker

    Model: KTMR50BK
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $98.70
  • Korg MA1* Metronome
    Korg MA1* Metronome

    The Korg MA-1B is a compact metronome that solidly covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats and rhythm patterns. The MA-1B also shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. The MA-1B is available in your choice of two-tone color schemes: Blue and Black, or Black and Red. With stylish design and reliable functionality, this is an indispensible rhythm training aide for any musician.

    Model: MA1*
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $18.43
  • Korg TM50 Tuner/Metronome
    Korg TM50 Tuner/Metronome

    Korg TM-50 allows the use of the tuner and metronome simultaneously. Available in a choice of two colors, black or pearl white. Tuner and metronome can be used simultaneously or independently.

    Model: TM50
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Price: $27.66
  • Kratt MK1S Pitch Pipe w/ Note - F to F
    Kratt MK1S Pitch Pipe w/ Note - F to F

    Suitable for Teaching Pitch 13 Hand-Tuned Bronze Reeds Note Notations on Top & Bottom Covers Tuned to A-440

    Model: MK1S
    Manufacturer: Kratt
    Price: $30.24
  • Kratt MK2S Pitch Pipe w/ Note - C to C
    Kratt MK2S Pitch Pipe w/ Note - C to C

    Suitable for Teaching Pitch 13 Hand-Tuned Bronze Reeds Note Notations on Top & Bottom Covers Tuned to A-440

    Model: MK2S
    Manufacturer: Kratt
    Price: $30.24
  • Peavey PT100 Guitar Tuner/Recorder
    Peavey PT100 Guitar Tuner/Recorder

    Full-featured chromatic tuner Built-in flash recorder Backlit LCD display and LED indicators On-board microphone for acoustic instruments and recording

    Model: PT100
    Manufacturer: Peavey
    Price: $23.69
  • Qwik Tune QT3 Click Metronome
    Qwik Tune QT3 Click Metronome

    The Qwik Time QT-3 Quartz Metronome features a speaker that projects clear clicks that cut through the music. More than 200 speed settings, A440 tuning tone, low-battery indicator, and an earphone jack. Measures 3-1/2" x 2-1/2".

    Model: QT3
    Manufacturer: Qwik Tune
    Price: $16.46
  • Qwik Tune QT5 Credit Card Size Metronome
    Qwik Tune QT5 Credit Card Size Metronome

    A very small metronome, it will fit in your pocket or any instrument case. Size: 2"W x 3"H x 1/4"D. The screen displays the tempo with a black dot that swings from side to side with the beat and shows accenting of the beats on 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4. Tempos can be chosen from 40 to 250BPM in one-beat increments. The sound is a beep that can be turned off. The metronome is held upright with a stand that swings out from the back. Tempo markings are on the face. Watch-type battery and an instruction sheet are included. One year warranty.

    Model: QT5
    Manufacturer: Qwik Tune
    Price: $11.06
  • Qwik Tune QTGP1 Guitar Professor
    Qwik Tune QTGP1 Guitar Professor

    The Guitar Professor is a highly accurate, easy to use guitar tuner plus pitch pipe plus a chord finder that teaches the new player to play over 250 different chords! On-Screen Visual Reference Guide For 250 Chords! Very easy to use, and allows you to easily play as many chords as you can remember!

    Model: QTGP1
    Manufacturer: Qwik Tune
    Price: $12.25
  • Snark SN1X Guitar Tuner
    Snark SN1X Guitar Tuner

    With stay put clip, display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing Pitch Calibration (415-466 Hz) Tap Tempo Metronome High sensitivity vibration sensor

    Model: SN1X
    Manufacturer: Snark
    Price: $14.69
  • Snark SN4 Tuner Metronome Combo
    Snark SN4 Tuner Metronome Combo

    Tune Using Built-in Mic or Input Jack, Fully Chromatic Tuning Electronic Pitchpipe Plays C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B Tap Tempo Metronome For all instruments

    Model: SN4
    Manufacturer: Snark
    Price: $14.98
  • Snark ST2 Chromatic Tuner
    Snark ST2 Chromatic Tuner

    With stay put clip, display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing Extended frequency range for all instruments Tap Tempo Metronome High sensitivity vibration sensor and internal mic

    Model: ST2
    Manufacturer: Snark
    Price: $16.75
  • Wittner GT30 Guitar Tuner
    Wittner GT30 Guitar Tuner

    Popular VU meters for easy visual tuning Built-In microphone for acoustic instruments Line-In and Line-Out with pass-through feature Battery check mode Notes: 6E (82.4 Hz), 5A (110.0 Hz), 4D (146.83 Hz), 3G (196.0 Hz), 2B (240.94 Hz), 1E (329.63 Hz)

    Model: GT30
    Manufacturer: Wittner
    Price: $26.24
  • Wittner MT50 Dial Metronome
    Wittner MT50 Dial Metronome

    Easy to use, the Wittner MT50 metronome prominently features a tempo dial that adjusts between 40 to 208 beats per minute. The MT50's speaker produces a loud "tick" sound, which is easier to hear in context than the "beep" produced by most other electronic metronomes. The MT50 also has a flashing LED beat indicator, which can be used for silent practice or along with the speaker for added visual reference. The MT50 also generates an A=440 reference tone for tuning. A built-in wire stand allows convenient upright positioning. Earphone included. Uses one 9V battery (not Included).

    Model: MT50
    Manufacturer: Wittner
    Price: $26.99