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Guitar Accessories

  • Chem-Pak FE220 Tone Finger-ease
    Chem-Pak FE220 Tone Finger-ease

    The original guitar string lubricant since 1963! A favorite among many musicians! Reduces friction between strings and fingertips and increases string life. Smoothes fingertip calluses. Harmless to guitars!

    Model: FE220
    Manufacturer: Chem-Pak
    Price: $4.62
  • Conquest HUSH310 10' Cable
    Conquest HUSH310 10' Cable

    10" 1/4" Guitar Cable

    Model: HUSH310
    Manufacturer: Conquest
    Price: $15.82
  • Conquest HUSH318 18' Cable
    Conquest HUSH318 18' Cable

    18' 1/4" Guitar Cable

    Model: HUSH318
    Manufacturer: Conquest
    Price: $21.70
  • Conquest HUSH325 25' Cable
    Conquest HUSH325 25' Cable

    25' 1/4" Guitar Cable

    Model: HUSH325
    Manufacturer: Conquest
    Price: $23.38
  • Conquest HUSH36 6' Cable
    Conquest HUSH36 6' Cable

    6' 1/4' Guitar Cable

    Model: HUSH36
    Manufacturer: Conquest
    Price: $12.95
  • Conquest HUSHRR Foot Switch Cable
    Conquest HUSHRR Foot Switch Cable

    8" 1/4" Foot Pedal Cable

    Model: HUSHRR
    Manufacturer: Conquest
    Price: $10.08
  • D'Andrea DAP4 Guitar Polish
    D'Andrea DAP4 Guitar Polish

    Lightly spray an even coat of polish over your guitar body and gently polish with a polishing cloth until a deep gloss appears. Keep your instruments in tip-top shape with our professional line of Guitar Care Products.

    Model: DAP4
    Manufacturer: D'Andrea
    Price: $5.11
  • D'Andrea EP2B Black Button Set
    D'Andrea EP2B Black Button Set

    Keep your strap anchored to your favorite electric or bass guitar with D’Andrea’s Strap Buttons! Each strap button comes as a set (2 units for instrument and strap) and attaches to instrument by replacing the existing strap pins/screws. Each set is precision-machined and is built with extra wide flange which provides an edge for ultimate durability. Available in three finishes: black, chrome or gold.

    Model: EP2B
    Manufacturer: D'Andrea
    Price: $3.05
  • Dunlop GA20 Acoustic Accessory Pack
    Dunlop GA20 Acoustic Accessory Pack

    Tortex .60 mm pick, a nylon .60 mm pick, a shell classic medium pick, a Dunlop pick holder Formula No. 65 polish, a 100% cotton polish cloth Dunlop Stringwinder Trigger capo Ergo Pin Puller

    Model: GA20
    Manufacturer: Dunlop
    Price: $23.37
  • Dunlop GA50 Electric Accessory
    Dunlop GA50 Electric Accessory

    Gig essentials for the electric guitar player Includes strings, picks, a slide, capo, stringwinder, cleaning supplies and more Made in the U.S.A.

    Model: GA50
    Manufacturer: Dunlop
    Price: $19.47
  • Dunlop JD5201 Pickers Pouch
    Dunlop JD5201 Pickers Pouch

    Conveniently holds picks on a keychain Always have your picks with you Made from genuine leather Holds picks in a variety of sizes and shapes

    Model: JD5201
    Manufacturer: Dunlop
    Price: $4.63
  • GHS GHSA87 Fast Fret
    GHS GHSA87 Fast Fret

    The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime. Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

    Model: GHSA87
    Manufacturer: GHS
    Price: $6.45
  • Herco HE475 Guitar Pegwinder
    Herco HE475 Guitar Pegwinder

    Replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely Offered in assorted colors

    Model: HE475
    Manufacturer: Herco
    Price: $4.77
  • Kyser KG6** Quick Change Capo
    Kyser KG6** Quick Change Capo

    The original one-handed Quick-Change capo Strong, lightweight aluminum with steel spring Professional quality Parks on the guitar's headstock when not in use Made in USA and guaranteed for life

    Model: KG6**
    Manufacturer: Kyser
    Price: $18.71
  • Kyser KPA Pro Am Capo
    Kyser KPA Pro Am Capo

    The Pro/Am™ is an economical and portable Kyser® capo for six string (radius fret board) or classical (flat fret board) guitars. Kyser® Pro/Am™ capos are professional quality and made from lightweight aluminum. The tension screw allows for precision adjusting, and it’s non-marring and non-reactive to guitar necks. Like the Quick-Change™, each Pro/Am™ is made in Texas, USA.

    Model: KPA
    Manufacturer: Kyser
    Price: $5.57
  • PerformancePlus GP6 Guitar Pitch Pipe
    PerformancePlus GP6 Guitar Pitch Pipe

    E-B-G-D-A-E for Electric or Acoustic Guitar Hand tuned brass reeds, each electronically tested for pitch accuracy Made of highest quality ABS plastic with ridged lipped blow pipes Small, portable and easy to use-requires light blowing for loudest and clearest notes Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. Helps develop learning skills by hearing and matching the note.

    Model: GP6
    Manufacturer: PerformancePlus
    Price: $6.16
  • PerformancePlus P351BX Mispicks - 100
    PerformancePlus P351BX Mispicks - 100

    100 Famous Maker, no name Flat Guitar Picks for a little over 10¢ each. Assorted box of 100 picks in miscellaneous shapes, sizes and gauges. Great for earrings, necklaces, art projects, decorations, etc. Audience give-a-ways, Small Tips, Mini Autographs, Mementos. Nice fun present for the player who never has a pick.

    Model: P351BX
    Manufacturer: PerformancePlus
    Price: $11.87
  • String Swing CC01 Hardwood Guitar Hanger
    String Swing CC01 Hardwood Guitar Hanger

    The CC01 guitar hanger by String Swing is a great, low-cost way to keep your guitar or bass safely off the floor while showing off your prized instrument. The CC01 provides enough clearance from the wall to accommodate acoustic guitars and basses, as well as electrics. Displaying your guitars on the wall is a great way to add a musical vibe to any room, and it's easy with the String Swing CC01!

    Model: CC01
    Manufacturer: String Swing
    Price: $11.52
  • Trophy 7960 Guitar Humidifier
    Trophy 7960 Guitar Humidifier

    Protect your investment and it is essential to maintain a proper moisture level in your guitar. Made of soft latex which is harmless to all instrument finishes. This guitar case humidifier helps to prevent adverse effects such as bad string action. These humidifiers maintain proper humidity levels. Includes a cover to seal the sound hole during use. Easy to follow instructions and a user-friendly humidity gauge.

    Model: 7960
    Manufacturer: Trophy
    Price: $10.85
  • Wedgie WPH001 Guitar Pick Holder
    Wedgie WPH001 Guitar Pick Holder

    This flexible pick holder uses a patented twist-lock design to mount on the strings of any guitar just above the neck Place the holder between the strings and rotate it 90 degrees, picks are then held in either of the 2 wedge shaped slots. Wedgies use no adhesives and will not damage your guitar in any way; Additional wedgies can be added for even more storage capabilities Wedgies will not affect tone or tuning in any way and they fit all types of guitars and picks No more stick-ons or weaving your pick in the strings, just put a Wedgie on your guitar and stop losing picks Created out of necessity for pick storage and accessibility, these are a must-have for any musician

    Model: WPH001
    Manufacturer: Wedgie
    Price: $2.49