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  • Hetman A14MW10 Light Piston - #1
    Hetman A14MW10 Light Piston - #1

    All Hetman Musical Instruments Lubricants offer superior lubricating qualities, are longer-lasting than other lubricants, and are completely compatible with conventional petroleum-based lubricants, thereby avoiding potential gumming problems. The viscosity of each lubricant is carefully formulated for its specific purpose and assures both fast, positive action and vital protection against wear and corrosion.

    Model: A14MW10
    Manufacturer: Hetman
    Price: $6.40
  • Hetman A14MW85 Medium Bearing - #13.5
    Hetman A14MW85 Medium Bearing - #13.5

    Protects all types of ball joints, promotes smooth action, and quiets noisy lever and linkage components. Precision needle oiler.

    Model: A14MW85
    Manufacturer: Hetman
    Price: $5.60